Field Tile DVD

  • $20.00

Ag PhD hosts Brian and Darren Hefty take you step by step through all aspects of drainage tile. Most people make tiling seem complicated, but after watching this video, you’ll learn how simple and beneficial it can really be.Use the first chapter to show your neighbors, landlords, or even NRCS people to help them understand the benefits of tiling for you, them, and the environment.

You’ll find the chapters on how to get ready for NRCS inspection and how to get all the approvals you need invaluable. Plus, you’ll see some examples of how to design your drainage system, how to determine pipe size, and how to properly install tile on your farm. Brian and Darren also answer some actual questions from farmers who are tiling in their fields. If you are or will be tiling on your farm, this DVD is a must. It is the most complete planning and instructional video we’ve ever developed, and the only one available anywhere that can help you from start to finish get tile installed and do it right on your farm.

Chapter List:

Chapter 1: Tiling is GREAT for the Environment
Chapter 2: Why Should I Tile?
Chapter 3: Get Your Ground Ready
Chapter 4: NRCS
Chapter 5: Neighbors
Chapter 6: Highway Departments
Chapter 7: County Planning & Zoning
Chapter 8: One Call
Chapter 9: How to Determine Pipe Size
Chapter 10: How to Design a Drainage System
Chapter 11: Properly Installing Drainage Tile
Chapter 12: Maintaining Your System After Installation

Bonus Clips and Notes from the Field

Running time: 3 hrs. 3 mins.